Level Crossing Gates

Now in production, our level crossing gate unit uses the same format as the dual signal unit and needs two servos to operate a single track level crossing. The new “XG” software provides individual movement and alignment of the crossing gate set at a realistic speed. The cost is the same as our semaphore dual unit at £25 plus p&p

GF Controls Servo Crossing Gate Test Rig

Our crossing gate unit is the electronic circuit board that operates two servos ( for a single track two gate crossing ) much like the signal unit we do. the difference is that the speed has been change in the software. You can still have the bounce /no bounce feature. This bounce simulates a wooden gate bouncing slightly at the end of its travel as its locked either open or closed.

A four gate crossing would therefore require two circuit boards and four servos.

A super video clip of Brian Podmore’s level crossing gates in operation using our XG PCB
For more detail of Brian’s crossing gates project click here