Turntable Unit


We are please to say that Greenwood Model Railway Products are using our MK2 advanced control system with their own new turntable and motor unit.

For more information please contact Mike Green at http://www.greenwoodmodelrailwayproducts.co.uk/
Telephone: 0787 217 5754

These units are now out of stock.
There are currently no plans for any further production.

The G F Controls turntable operating unit has been made as a result of the frustrations the designers have found in properly indexing track alignment in the past.  This new unit is a very substantial engineering and electronics solution to the problem.

Turntable Controller and PSU

Using stepper motor technology and a timing belt and pulley combination accurately achieves a degree of alignment that has been sought for a long time.

The control box enables its owner to program 16 roads into its memory but also allows changes at any time should track be moved or added to.

Alignment is achieved by using the hash/star keys on the keypad on the front of the control box and when satisfactorily aligned the information is saved to the memory.

The unit will always choose the shortest way to the track chosen and will do a 180 deg. turn to any selected track by pressing the zero key before choosing the required track.

The package includes the stepper motor unit, control box and a 12 volt power supply and includes full instruction for use. Cost is £349.00, about the average 7mm loco kit.

This is a video clip of our demonstration turntable moving between two adjacent roads…

Look out for the acceleration and deceleration when moving positions.

Note also that to eliminate any backlash the turntable when stopping anticlockwise overshoots a little and always comes to a halt from a clockwise direction

This clip was taken at the recent Bolton show in February 2012